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Jackie Nagtegaal Futurist Speaker

Jackie Nagtegaal is a qualified futurist and lawyer. 



She is interested in complex systems, regenerative futures, transcontextual data and inclusive justice models. Jackie has extensive leadership and legal workflow management experience. She has been involved in designing and implementing LegalTech and AI to augment and enhance legal service delivery. She was listed as one of the Top 5 Women in Legal Tech. She is fanatical about culture and building a better world for all. 

She is a PhD candidate in Futures Studies at the USB Business School. She holds a law degree and a Masters degree in Futures Studies (cum laude). She is the founder of Futurely and heads up LAW FOR ALL, an alternative legal service provider that works towards justice inclusion, which has won multiple awards for innovation, technology and has been named the Best Legal Team in Africa. She is a member of the Association of Professional Futurists, of Legal Protection International, a Knowledge Advisor for the International Legal Tech Association and an Advisory Board Member for the Warrior Project, focussed on Gender-Based Violence. 


Regenerative Cultures


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Think like a Futurist

Futurists have tools to anticipate and design the future, do you?

law &the future

How do we use the power of law to shape the futures we want?

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generation z

Insights into the generational perspectives and how to prepare for Generation Z.

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How do you adjust to the leadership challenges of tomorrow?

Inclusive Justice
Is SDG 16 possible? Finding pathways to justice. 

How do we build sustainable systems? It starts with a culture of sustainability. 

Past Events

“Nagtegaal is truly an exceptional visionary with powerful insights and innovating ideas that unlock new possibilities for access to justice.” 

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