4 December 2020

READ: 4IR & South Africa

“Future” and “revolution”: two words that strike fear in the hearts and minds of many. The former leaves a bitter aftertaste of uncertainty and the latter conjures up images of conflict.


18 March 2020

READ: Can working parents stay at home now that schools are closed because of Covid-19?

A look at what the law says about parental leave under COVID. 

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15 March 2020

READ: Companies must adapt policies to deal with outbreak

How companies need to adapt to COVID and the lockdown. 


30 April 2020

READ: Will Covid-19 be the trigger that transforms the justice system?

COVID has arrived the world over, opened our drawers and shone a torch on our dirty laundry. The world is unequal. 

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16 March 2019

LISTEN: Are SA's gun laws strict enough to protect us?

In the wake of the Christchurch shootings, advocate Jackie Nagtegaal dissects our gun laws and identifies SA's biggest gun problem. New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has vowed to change the country's firearm laws in response to Friday's attacks on two Christchurch mosques, that left 49 people dead.


5 June 2018

READ: How Judge Desai will determine Henri van Breda's sentence

We often celebrate or, at times, are outraged by the sentences given to offenders for their crimes. As a public, we're either satisfied that the punishment fits the crime, or convinced that justice has failed us. However, how jail time is determined in South Africa depends on various factors. 

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9 August 2015

WATCH: Dispute Resolution in the Community

The African School of Mediation based in that city will train a group of women to resolve conflict and educate their communities about their rights. To tell us more about this project is founder of the institution Adv. Jackie Nagtegaal and Elsie Funa, one of the ladies who will be trained there.


8 November 2020

WATCH: Impact with JGU Alumni

In this series of professional development, the Jindal Global University tackle Impact and what that means for lawyers around the world. 


18 March 2020

READ: Coronavirus and the rights of domestic workers in South Africa

What the law says about leave during the pandemic. 

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8 March 2019

READ: Justice For All: Why South Africa should invest in legal technology

There are thousands of tweets and tiny social telegrams spreading the news that burgeoning technology, such as artificial intelligence, will mean the end of lawyers.


7 August 2019

READ: 'Warrior' portal puts resources at women's fingertips

Wakefield, in collaboration with LawForAll insurance and SweepSouth cleaning services has launched South Africa’s first comprehensive information and resource portal for domestic abuse and gender-based violence, called the “The Warrior Project”.


27 November 2018

LISTEN: 10 days paternity leave for dads a 'baby step' in right direction

The legal organisation Law For All says the government still has a long way to go in creating equitable parental leave. The legal organisation Law For All says the government still has a long way to go in creating equitable parental leave. This comes after President Cyril Ramaphosa officially signed the Labour Laws Amendment Bill into law.


12 September 2017

READ: R50K raised for ‘Lion Mama’ charged with stabbing daughter’s rapists

South Africans have rallied behind a mother who is charged with stabbing a man to death, and injuring two other, after allegedly finding them raping her 27-year-old daughter. 


6 September 2017

LISTEN: Demerit system for errant drivers has many 'gaping holes'

A bill that will introduce a demerit system for errant drivers has finally been passed by the National Assembly.

Legal expert advocate Jackie Nagtegaal says administration will be the biggest challenge facing the implementation of the bill.

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20 October 2020

WATCH: Fringe Legal Edge with Jackie Nagtegaal

In this episode of Fringe Legal Edge, host Abhijat Saraswat speaks with Jackie Nagtegaal on access to justice (A2J) and the future of the justice system.


6 May 2020

READ: Writing the future of the justice system

At LAW FOR ALL, we believe in a future where the law works for everyone. This has been the core of our company since 1993. 


7 September 2018

READ: The Cost of Rape: Seeking Justice in South Africa

Violent crime in South Africa is rife and horrific, but the prevalence of sexual assault and rape has led to South Africa being dubbed “the rape capital of the world”. Unfortunately, the criminal justice system is failing survivors as few cases are reported and even less get justice. Do the Civil Courts offer an appropriate alternative and what does compensation look like locally and internationally?


9 August 2019

READ: The Only Remaining Good is Hope

Nagtegaal hails from a family of lawyers. Her mother dedicated her life to a more accessible justice system and her childhood home was “a train station for women suffering from domestic violence, needing divorces or setting up wills”.

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1 August 2019

READ: Women in customary marriages now have equal rights to marital property

According to a statement on, Cabinet has this week approved the submission of the Recognition of Customary Marriages Amendment Bill of 2019 to Parliament. 

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6 May 2020

READ: Writing the future of the justice system

Covid-19 has arrived and it has shown that the world is unequal. The systems we’ve created work only for a few - the justice system being one of them. There is no denying we need a strong injection of hope and optimism during this time. Adv Jackie Nagtegaal, futurist and managing director of Law For All, believes that in order for that to take shape, we need perspectives and ideas that can help us envision the future. 


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