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This is a photo of futurist Jackie Nagtegaal.

Futurist Lawyer

I began my career as a lawyer, but became increasingly interested in the future. I was fascinated by the evolution of law, the emergence of LegalTech, changing leadership paradigms, and the need for sustainable systems. I started on my futures journey (two degrees, and the madness of a PhD six years later). It has reshaped me in profound ways. And it wasn't merely in an abstract or philosophical way; it was practical. I have translated new ideas into the real world. I am using futurist tools and methodologies to understand where LegalTech is heading, how lawyers will work in the future and what leaders need to do to adapt. I enjoy exchanging experiences and learning from others, so please get in touch if you want to talk.

This is an animation of people connecting with their phones. It illustrates how futurist Jackie Nagtegaal likes to connect with people.

I love connecting with others about
my three obsessions.

This illustrates that LegalTech should be seamless. Jackie is passionate about LegalTech and the future of LegalTech


Working in the realm of LegalTech, I use futures tool to look out for trends that transcend hype. I am also the founder of a LegalTech start-up called Lawyerly. It is platform designed to be simple, seamless and smart. Lawyerly has led me to be recognised as one of the Top5 women in LegalTech in the world. My collaboration with development teams has helped me understand the art of translating intricate legal concepts into tech jargon. This experience underscored the value of bridging the divide between lawyers' expectations and the innovative solutions that development teams can bring. Technology, at its best, is about simplifying the complicated. It should be a tool that dissolves complexity into intuitive solutions. And it should be pretty ;-)

This illustration shows connection. Jackie unpacks the future of leadership and how the world of work is changing.


Leading large diverse teams has taught me the transformative power of genuinely putting people first. It's not about merely involving them in the process; it's about letting their perspectives, aspirations, and well-being shape the journey. The world of work is changing, and leadership has to adapt. Personally I have found ways to help me make this shift. I've integrated agile methodologies into workflows to ensure teams are adaptive and receptive to change. This approach keeps people engaged, allowing for rapid iterations based on direct feedback. I also use design thinking in leadership, which keeps people at the centre. It gives them agency over their world, and a deeper understanding of the 'what' and 'why' of what they are doing. Leadership should enrich experiences, unlock creativity, and create purpose.

This illustrates sustainability and SDG16.


Sustainability is a call to action, and not a trend or a catchphrase. Through my experience in crafting sustainability plans and spearheading sustainable initiatives, I've come to understand its profound impact. They aren't just strategies on paper; they are catalysts for genuine shifts. By embedding sustainability at the heart of what we do, we're setting the stage for a future that's in tune with our planet's ecological rhythms. Sustainability is about regeneration and renewal. It's about rethinking our practices from the ground up to ensure that every decision, big or small, contributes to a world that's not only viable but also thriving for generations to come.

This illustration shows how the future is changing. Jackie Nagtegaal is a keynote speaker that talk about the future of legaltech, leadership and sustainability.

Facing the future with hope.

For me, studying the future is about more than just predictions. It's about actively engaging with the world in all its vastness. This means understanding human behaviour in its full complexity and getting to grips with the deeper structures and trends that go beyond short-term hype. I use tools like horizon scanning, causal layered analysis, scenario planning and warm data workshops to dive into areas such as legaltech, leadership, and sustainability. These tools help explore various options, identify opportunities for change, and provide different ways to understand long-standing problems. It also sheds light on innovative solutions that might not be immediately obvious. It's not just about charting out likely outcomes. Futures studies, from my perspective, is also about understanding the hopes, desires, and even fears that people hold about the future. It's about weighing up probabilities and preparing for different scenarios. What I'm truly passionate about is awakening a 'future consciousness' in people. I want to help individuals, teams and leaders to become active participants in shaping the future they want. It's about making sure we're not just passive observers of change but active shapers of it. My goal is to promote this kind of 'future consciousness' and spark conversations that inspire, to face the future with clear intent and purpose.

If you want to talk about any of these, reach out. 

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“Jackie is truly an exceptional visionary with powerful insights and innovating ideas that unlock new possibilities for access to justice.” 

Jackie has spoken at conference and events all over the world. These include Forbes, Hiil, ILTA, LPI, Knowledge platform and the rule of law, stellenbosch university, UCT, legal innovation and tech fest, africa law tech and world legal summit.
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