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The future 

Dr Jackie Nagtegaal 

I started my career as a lawyer, having grown up in a house of lawyers. Audi alteram partem were some of my first words, used in defence to my pre-school shenanigans of drawing on walls and hitting my brother. We held court at home. We had to defend rights, make our case. 


My house was also a haven for those who had little rights in the late 80s in South Africa. I learnt early on that the law was a privilege of the few.  Naturally my life and career led to access to justice. 


I served as the CEO of LAW FOR ALL, a legal service provider focused on inclusive justice. I have spent the last two decades working with this team of  300, united in a mission to deliver justice at scale. Together, we achieved recognition as one of the best legal teams in Africa and became one of the top 20 companies to work for in South Africa.

​My passion for making justice more accessible led me to explore LegalTech. For the past few years I have worked on a start-up called Lawyerly.  I am optimistic about technology, if it is used with care and purpose. 

I have a PhD in Futures Studies. As a futurist, I work towards creating futures that are inclusive, hopeful, and preferable.


The future belongs to all of us, and we have to shape it into one that we all want to be a part of.

My interest lie in the dynamic relationship between futures studies, access to justice and LegalTech

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Futurist & Speaker

If we're conscious of the future, we gain the agency to create it. 

I love to share insights

and speak about the areas I work in. 



When I speak at events or universities, I aim to share practical tools I've learned through experience. I make my sessions interactive because I believe it makes learning more engaging, inclusive, and beneficial for everyone involved.

I also enjoy hosting workshops where I use techniques such as design thinking and agile methods. In these workshops, I emphasise fostering creative thinking, critical thinking, and future consciousness. By combining these elements, participants have the chance to achieve meaningful breakthroughs.




Reach out & connect

Thanks for reaching out, look forward to chatting soon.

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