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Speaking, sharing & learning. 

I like to share ideas and speak about themes I am interested in and have experience in.

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The Future of LegalTech

In this talk, I explore the evolution of LegalTech and its future possibilities.


I draw from years of research, including STEEP, PESTLE and Delphi studies, to map out how LegalTech evolved and where it is heading. 


I look at the impact of emerging technologies like large language models, generative intelligence and augmented reality on legal practices and experience.


The purpose is to help understand its impact, use and conscious development for the future. 


Access to Justice

LegalTech is changing the game for access to justice. In this talk I share insights from numerous studies I have done on access to justice: from causal layered analysis, justice experiences surveys and deeper human narratives and insights.


I focus on the human side of LegalTech, illustrating  how these tools make legal processes smoother, but more importantly, they touch lives and open doors to justice for everyone.


This talk isn't just about technology; it's about people, stories, and the power of tech to build inclusive systems. 

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From Sustainability to Regeneration

Many are faced with trying to understand sustainability and how to integrate it, practically. In this talk I touch on sustainability reporting and strategies, but I advocate for the shift towards regenerative practices that go beyond preserving, and to actively restoring ecosystems and communities.


I explore the interconnectedness of natural and human systems and the need for approaches that contribute to renewal and growth.


I share my experience in building regenerative cultures, and offer practical steps for companies and individuals to make a transformative impact.


Leading with Hope

This session aims to inspire, focusing on how embracing the Theory-U framework has changed my approach to leadership, infusing it with hope.

By leading with openness in mind, heart, and will, I've built a framework that fosters a leadership style rich in presence and potential.

Rooted in the principle of Lead the Change, Be the Change, leadership extends beyond the confines of the workplace.


It's about cultivating an atmosphere where hope and possibility drive a shift towards positivity and transformation.

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Tech & Trends on the Horizon

In an era termed the supercycle, we need to know which new trends and technologies lie on the horizon to help us navigate our futures and strategies.


In this talk I share futurist tools to help people explore these and aid companies in adopting and adapting these developments. 


Innovation & Futures Workshops

Warm Data Labs

Warm Data Labs provide a framework for understanding complex issues, foster collaboration, and enhance critical thinking skills.


They enable teams to develop effective strategies, encourage diverse perspectives, and cultivate adaptability in navigating uncertainties.

Agile Ideas

Agile workshops are practical and helpful for teams to understand the future.


They teach collaboration, adaptability, and rapid problem-solving.


Agile methods ensure efficient delivery of value, encourage innovation, and equip teams with the skills needed to thrive in dynamic environments.

Design Thinking

Design thinking workshops are vital for teams, fostering creativity and innovation.


They encourage collaborative problem-solving and experimentation, enabling teams to generate fresh ideas and develop innovative solutions.

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